Your Spring Cleaning List Isn’t Complete Until You Do These Things

Your Spring Cleaning List Isn’t Complete Until You Do These Things
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Spring cleaning is a time of the year that we all detest at first, but love when it’s over. The fresh new start to a golden spring is the ideal dream. The work getting to the dream is the hard part that most of us want to avoid. While you may want to skip certain things on your list, there are some items that must be done. These are all listed below to help you get started making your spring cleaning list. 

Clean Under The Big Items

It’s very easy to not move that couch every single time you sweep. In fact, it would be a big pain to do so. However, once a year you should be moving those big items and cleaning underneath them. This includes the couch, chairs, bed, desk, dressers, cabinets, and anything else big that you avoid moving every other time you clean. 

Clean The Items You Tend To Ignore

You know which ones we are talking about. We all have those specific areas in our homes that we tend to avoid cleaning due to the thought of their complexity. Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of the old dust and freshening up your home. You should be deep cleaning your stove hood, tops of cabinets, light fixtures, fan blades, and other areas you typically avoid. 

Carpet Cleaning

The nice spring weather provides the perfect time to air out those carpets. You should use a shampooer on your floors. Rent one if you have to. This is an important part of ensuring your carpet stays fresh and always look new. This is one of those an ounce of prevention things where you need to take care of your carpet regularly to avoid having to spend a lot of money on new ones more than is necessary. 

The Gutters Need Flushed

Yes, spring cleaning isn’t just directly done inside the home. It’s time to get up on the ladder and clean those gutters out. All that winter weather tends to leave a buildup of scum on the bottom of your gutters. Also, leaves and twigs from surrounding trees can cause an unnecessary buildup in the gutter. Be sure to clean these out as they will help to prevent against water damage issues on the roof. 

Throw Away The Junk 

As you are spring cleaning it’s time to be judgement about what you keep and what you get rid of. You should use a service like to come to your home if you have major appliances or furniture that need to go. Some smaller things to consider chucking in your home are wire hangers, unnecessary power cords, defective cables, broken utensils, and old kitchen rags. 

Stow Away Winter-Related Stuff

As part of preparing for the spring and summer, you should be stowing away all your winter items. This includes clothes, sleds, shovels, and the whole lot. Basically, all the stuff that is only utilized in the winter months should be stored away in a shed or the attic until next winter.


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