Where to Go Out in Washington D.C. for A Guy’s Birthday Party

Where to Go Out in Washington D.C. for A Guy’s Birthday Party
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When it comes to Guys birthday party, you probably think about sweet 16 birthday party. Well, it is not entirely true. Even men in their 20s can still be called as guys. So there will be always an eligible way to celebrate your birthday with your friends.

There is something about Guys Birthday Party. It can be the transition from your teenager’s age to the man. In fact, it is the right time to go out in Washington D.C. with your friends. If you have been looking for birthday party ideas in Washington D.C. look nowhere else since we are going to share such great ideas with you like some hot strippers doing a cute show for your best friend. So forget about the restrictions, it is time for you for being free. Here are some ideas that you can consider.

Beach party

Get some hammocks. Enjoy and relax with your friends on the seashore. Also, add plenty of beach chairs. The next thing you want to do is to grill something to eat. BBQ party has been a viable option for all party goers, no matter what the event is. Don’t forget to bring your towels and sunscreen, because the weather can be rough. There are some amazing beaches around DC that you can visit:

    • Sandy Point State Park.
    • Bethany Beach.
    • Lewes Beach.
    • Rehoboth Beach.
    • Ocean City, Maryland.
    • Dewey Beach.
    • Virginia Beach.

Dance floors

How do you think about dancing together with your friends, and your girlfriend? Rock N Roll party will be the best choice if you like to listen to music while dancing. It also does not hurt to hire professional DJ and 1-2 DC strippers to keep the atmosphere up. These beautiful exotic dancers can really keep all the guys into the event and demand attention. While maintaining the party atmosphere, this could be the perfect addition to your entertainment. Some popular names to reserve are Black Cat, U Street Music Hall, The Wonderful Ballroom, etc.

Sports party

If you and your friends are big fans of specific sport, why not add this to your birthday theme? Consider booking sports center wherein you and your horde can celebrate the party together. At these places, you can play soccer, football, basketball, tennis, and many more. As a closing, BBQ party will be great. You can do it in places like Sky Zone, Kabin Lounge, National Parks, and many more.

First person shooter

No, we don’t mean FPS games like R6S, Counter-Strike, or so. We are talking about the action that you will be involved. It can be paintball, augmented reality laser tag, or airsoft gun for real. You and your close friends will love to play these high-end ways of playing. Afterwards, rejuvenate yourselves with the BBQ party or big pizzas. After all, who doesn’t love such an amazing day like this?

There you have them! If your date is around the corner, don’t forget to check these birthday party ideas in Washington d.c.

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