What is the Difference between Regular, Hiking and Compression Socks?

What is the Difference between Regular, Hiking and Compression Socks?
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When it comes to choosing socks, not everyone knows that there are a variety of socks available in the market, especially the compression socks which are fairly different from the regular ones, in terms of fit, length, opacity and many other aspects.

So, let’s take a quick look at the major differences between the regular ones, hiking & trekking socks, and the compression’s socks.


Users get the exact fit in case of compression socks, unlike the regular stockings, which are chosen according to the shoe size, the ankle length and width, feet, knees, will definitely influence the effectiveness of garments. Poorly fitted sock will definitely have adverse medical effect on the body.


You do not see all the compression hosiery is opaque shades. A brand offering sheer look will certainly resemble the trouser sock. Few patients prefer thicker socks for covering discoloration and blemishes due to thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, and several other medical environments. Usually, socks are solid, and come with nylon materials that can be seen through.


When people think of purchasing a sock, they think of footie, calf-high, ankle-high or knee-high sock.

The regular one that you choose is just because of personal comfort or fashion. Calf-high support stockings are generally meant for athletes and diabetics. Thigh-high, Knee-high, and waist-high lengths are particularly meant for compression socks. You can also see bodysuits are offered with compressive properties. The height is chosen for covering the area where the extra support or circulation is required.

Special Qualities of Trekking Socks

Such trekking socks have cushioned foot and seamless toe closure for comfort, and they easily dry up fast. They also have lightweight mesh instep for breathability.

Ease to Find 

Though the regular ones can be acquired anywhere in the stores where you can buy clothes. You can also get the regular ones at department stores, online, drugstores, and mini-marts. You don’t find the compression stockings at these places. You can purchase the support stockings through online or through a compressive garment distributor. They can also be ordered via healthcare professional or from a pharmacy.

The hiking and trekking must always be ordered from reliable sources like Happy Sock, which specializes in lifestyle socks and accessories for those who don’t want to purchase the regular run-of-the-mill items.

Therefore, in a nutshell, when compared with the other socks, usage of graduated compression stockings or compression socks is awfully beneficial for your ankles, legs, and feet.

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