Tips for Natural Looking Hair Extensions

Tips for Natural Looking Hair Extensions
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Several people wear hair extensions from time to time to improve their appearance and make their hair look longer and thicker. The goal of wearing fake hair is to achieve a natural look, so your extensions blend in with your real hair. Luckily, there are some things you can do to accomplish this goal.

Get the best colour match

To have natural looking hair, you need to find a colour that matches your natural hair as much as possible. Even just one shade too light or too dark can make hair extensions stand out and look fake. When you’re trying to match your hair colour, always make sure that you are using the ends of your hair to guide you through this process, because this is the place where your extensions will sit against. If you do choose an entirely different colour from your natural colour, put them in as sections, so they look like highlights.  

Get 100{f35b16eb0048c74681985a1969674bbcc954290adb4d0e54cc91fa746b5957d4} human hair

If the look you want is a natural one then the best kind of hair extensions to use is 100{f35b16eb0048c74681985a1969674bbcc954290adb4d0e54cc91fa746b5957d4} human hair; they can be trimmed to blend in with your natural style, and you can even straighten, blow-dry or curl them. One of the great things about 100{f35b16eb0048c74681985a1969674bbcc954290adb4d0e54cc91fa746b5957d4} human hair is that you can treat them just as you would your hair. You can also purchase extensions that are already wavy, curly or straight.

If your hair is more straight then wavy or curly than you should choose straight hair extensions. Whereas, if your hair is naturally wavy, choose wavy hair extensions; you can always straighten your 100{f35b16eb0048c74681985a1969674bbcc954290adb4d0e54cc91fa746b5957d4} human hair extensions if you want a straight look.

Technique and Application is the key

There are many ways to use hair extensions from clip-ins to sew-ins to glue methods. Clip-in hair extensions at the moment are one of the easiest ways to apply extensions and can be easily applied at home with a little bit of practice. The other techniques often require more of an experienced hand and a steeper learning curve to make hair extensions look natural.

If you’re a beginner in applying hair extensions, there are plenty of helpful videos on Youtube to help you through the process. Placement of Russian hair extensions by Jadore AU and application technique takes time to master, but with practice, it can be done. Otherwise, leave the application to the experts.

Tip: You don’t have to use all of the pieces in the pack of hair extensions — simply just use what you need, and try to remember to leave sections of your natural hair between each strip of extensions.


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