The Transition From Smoker To Vaper

The Transition From Smoker To Vaper
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The Transition From Smoker To Vaper

For those of you smokers out there who are thinking of switching to vaping, there are some things you should know. Smoking and vaping are two different experiences, contrary to many people’s beliefs. Today we are going to look at some helpful transitioning tips for smokers so that vaping become a successful endeavor.

It’s All In The Device That You Choose To Use

One of the biggest complaints that smokers have when they attempt to make the transition into vaping is not getting enough of a hit. This usually is a result of individuals using e-cigs. These look similar to regular cigarettes, which is why many smokers tend to start with e-cigs instead of vape modes. You can see these e-cigs at

We urge you to try different devices. If you can’t get the hit that you need on the e-cigs, then upgrade to a vape mod. The mod will allow you to receive more nicotine in less than time. Don’t give up after not finding success with one device. Try a few different ones out and find the ideal one for your lifestyle.

Make A Commitment 

Changes aren’t easy, especially when you are trying to change a habit that has been ingrained in your mind for years. It’s likely that your habit of smoking comes so naturally that you don’t even realize when you lit a cigarette. Switching to vaping is not a simple feat.

Vaping and smoking are not the same. You can’t just throw out the cigarettes and pick up the vape mod without noticing the difference. You need to commit yourself to the prospect of vaping instead of smoking. Vaping isn’t a magical cure-all solution. However, it will replace your usual habit of having to have something in your hand and something to inhale.

Try Various Flavors 

Mix up the flavors that you vape. There are literally thousands of different flavors that are available for you to try. Finding the flavors that you enjoy can help to increase your satisfaction from vaping. You’ll even start looking forward to trying new flavors that pull you away from the traditional tobacco flavor.

Get The Right Nicotine Content 

Yes, vaping fluids have nicotine in them. These fluids can come in different concentration levels, including 24, 18 and 12 milligrams. You should try all of them out and find the right mix for you. Obviously, if you are just getting started quitting smoking, it’s best to go with a higher nicotine concentration first and then wane yourself down over time.

If you start with a higher concentration and get a burning sensation in your throat, you should kick down to a lower concentrate. If you don’t feel like you are getting enough of a hit off your nicotine level, then increase the concentrate. If you experience the wrong level of nicotine, it will make you more likely to want to smoke. Avoid that by searching for the ideal concentrate to fit you.

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