Technology’s Role in Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe

by Clare Louise | December 20, 2017 10:49 am

When you first have a teen driver in the home, things can get more than a little interesting.

That said it is important that you give your teenager all the tools needed when headed out on the open road.

From knowledge to technology, your teen will need a myriad of items to make sure he or she stays as safe as possible.

So, will your teenager be well-equipped when they start driving?

Focusing on Your Teen’s Safety

To give your teen the best tools with which to make for a safer ride each time out, remember the following:

  1. Technology – Making sure your teen uses technology for a safe ride is key. Outside of the vehicle, technology can play an important role as they prepare for their driver’s test. In knowing the DMV handbook[1], your teen can go online and do practice runs when it comes to their driving test. Doing so should help them gain confidence before they actually take the test. Once they have passed and are out on the road on a regular basis, technology plays a role too. For instance, is your teen someone who can get pre-occupied at any given time? If so, how worried would you be if they’re driving and in an instance veer into the next lane without warning? Doing so can lead to a nasty accident. With a lane-departure warning system[2], they get an alert to such miscues while behind the wheel. No matter how technology drives them, make sure they put it to work for them.

  1. Advice – Sure, your teen may be of the opinion that their parents don’t know all that much. And yes, many teens think they know everything there is to about life. That said do your best to provide them with sound advice when it comes to being safe behind the wheel. As smart as your teen may think they are, they do not have all the years behind the wheel that you do. As a result, share with them some of your driving experiences over time. Yes, even share any accidents you were in. Doing this can help them appreciate the focus it takes to operate a vehicle at any given time and on any given road.
  2. Vehicle – Last, you want your teen riding in a safe car or truck at all times. With that being the case, do your best to provide them with one. Whether they have the family vehicle or you buy them a new or pre-owned vehicle[3], safety should be a priority. It is a good idea to instill in them right from the bat that they need to be part of taking care of that car or truck. From tires at the right inflation level to brakes not squeaking, check-ups are key.

In doing all you can think of to keep your teen safe when they are behind the wheel, you can ease your mind to a degree.

Sure, having that new driver in the family on the roads with others can be nerve-wracking for everyone.

When you focus on technology and giving your teen with good driving advice, the ride should be smooth.

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