Strong Ethics and Corporate Citizenship–the Foundation of Ford’s Business Philosophy

Strong Ethics and Corporate Citizenship–the Foundation of Ford’s Business Philosophy
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Ford dealerships in Indianapolis are proud to announce that Ford was named among the World’s Most Ethical Companies in 2017—for the eighth year in a row, the longest streak for any automotive manufacturer.

The award was given by the Ethisphere Institute. With the stated mission of defining and advancing ethical business practices and standards, the Ethisphere Institute created the World’s Most Ethical Companies program to honor companies that excel in promoting ethical practices and standards internally, enabling employees to make god choices, and shaping future industry standards.

Ford’s commitment to supply chain sustainability, responsible mineral sourcing, and participation in initiatives like the Partnership for a Cleaner Environment have also resulted in Ford being recognized for its efforts in human rights, as well as awards for being one of America’s best corporate citizens by Forbes (2016) and being one of the world’s most admired citizens by Fortune (2017).

In 2014, Ford’s Corporate Compliance Office introduced the “Go Further—The Right Way” campaign. This campaign is designed to ensure that ethics remain the foundation of all Ford’s business practices.

“Ethics and corporate citizenship are at the very foundation of what drives us to make people’s lives better. It’s important to us to promote a culture of doing what’s right across our global business, reinforced in our policies and daily practices…. Whether we’re building cars and trucks or investing in new mobility services, we make ethical choices that ensure we produce the best results. We take the responsibility of the confidence people have in us and our products and services very seriously and understand that trust is earned,” stated Mark Fields, former CEO of Ford Motor Company.

“Ford’s promotion of a sound ethical environment shines within its industry and shows a clear understanding that operating under the highest standards for business behavior goes beyond goodwill and lip service and is intimately linked to performance and profitability,” said Alex Brigham, Ethisphere Institute’s executive director.

As Ford dealerships in Indianapolis, we recognize the importance of maintaining the high standards established by the Ford Motor Company. It is our goal that whenever anyone visits a Ford dealership—especially in the Indianapolis area—that those customers are treated honestly, with integrity, and in compliance with the highest ethical standards. After all, we’re not just a car dealership; we’re your friends and neighbors, and we want to continue Ford’s tradition of being a valued part of any community.

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