Shower Surround Current Trends

Shower Surround Current Trends
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If you are remodeling or renovating your bathroom, you may be looking to install new shower and shower surrounds. Shower surrounds can be made from a variety of materials, including tile, slate, marble and plastic materials. With so many options available when it comes to materials, colors and textures, you may find yourself overwhelmed at the options. If you are looking to pick out materials for your new shower but do not know what materials to go with, looking at trends may help you decide. Here are three of the trends when it comes to shower surrounds. 

Faux Wood Tile

One of the hottest trends for shower surrounds now is using faux wood tile in the shower. You cannot use real wood in a shower. It would rot and warp due to the moisture in the air and the temperature changes. But wood is completely on trend for spaces in a home now due to its rustic and natural look. Wood tiles allow you to get the look of real wood in your bathroom, without any of the problems that go along with using wood in a bathroom. 

Sand Materials

Another trend that is popular for a shower surround now is anything that replicates the look and feel of sand. People are looking for a spa retreat in their bathrooms and having tile that looks and feels like sand helps to create this spa retreat, while also making you feel like you are somewhere else rather than a plain and standard shower. Most materials that have a sand look and feel to them are tiles, but some natural stones also have this effect. 

The Color Gray

The last trend that is popular for shower surrounds is the color gray. Gray has long been a popular choice in the kitchen, but it is now carrying over into the bathroom. Gray adds drama and color to the wall, without being too much. In small spaces, like a bathroom, you must be careful not to pick colors that overwhelm the space, or it can be make the space feel darker, tighter and smaller. Gray is still light enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the space, while bringing in a unique color that adds character to your space. 

Picking materials for your shower surrounds is extremely important. The material you select has a direct impact on the overall look and feel of your space. If you are looking for materials for your shower surround and want something that is trendy and popular, consider faux wood tiles, materials that replicate the look and feel of sand or anything in the color gray. 

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