Repatriation under the insurance policy

Repatriation under the insurance policy
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There is a lot of information about the insurance that you can make an insurance in case of death risk, information that should be known when a person decides to leave his country. Certainly many companies offer this service, but we have to be honest and agree that no one thinks about this too much. But the risk of a death abroad exists, and repatriation costs may be high, depending on the country, the city, and the type of death that intervenes.

When death takes place on the highway in a small or far away town, the cost of repatriation may involve the payment of services in the country where the death occurred. Repatriation of the deceased person entails high costs of: taxes for taking the deceased from the scene of the accident, charge for transporting the deceased person to the cold room, charges for keeping it in the cold room (costs that can reach very high amounts).

Therefore, in conclusion, if you thought on doing an insurance policy, first check if the insurance company pays the full repatriation cost and under what conditions does it. There are companies that pay the entire cost directly to the funeral company that offered the service, but there are others that may tell you that because they have to conduct an investigation you will have to wait, and this way you will be put in the situation that their compensation is not granted not even after one or two months from the moment of death.

For such cases, our company will help you with additional supplementary information that you will need. Regarding the medical travel insurance in Austria, Germany, Italy, France, etc., the company deals with solving the legal situation in case of repatriation. Repatriation of the insured body involves bringing it into Romania or the country of residence of the insured body, as a result of the death due to the occurrence of an insured risk during the period of validity of the insurance policy.

Through the Medical Insurance, the Insurer covers the Insured’s death as a result of an accident or an unexpected illness during the period of validity of the insurance contract while traveling outside Romania’s borders, such as Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria etc., and certified by the certificate of death, issued by the competent authorities for which he reimburses the expenses of repatriation of the inanimate body.

In case of an accident, if the deceased had an Accident Insurance, the Insurer covers the Insured’s death during the period of the insurance contract as a result of an accident occurring in the time of the period of the insurance contract for which the Insurer pays the insurance indemnity.

The amounts insured in case of repatriation for an Insured are in accordance with the insurance package chosen at that time being. The insured amount for repatriation expenses will be deducted from the insured amount set for medical expenses.

The Contractor / Insured is obligated to provide the Insurer with the following documents in case of repatriation of the insured body of the Insured: the Insured’s death certificate and the documents certifying the cause, the place of death and the proof of the expenditures for which the claim for reimbursement (invoices and receipts issued and paid by the person requesting reimbursement of expenses); For the risk of death due to an accident covered by accident insurance, the Insurer’s Legal Contractor / Insured shall provide the Insurer with the following documents: the death certificate; the medical certificate of death; heir certificate / heir-quality certificate; provision for the establishment of guardianship or guardianship in the case of minor legal heirs.

In the event of the Insured’s death, the Insurer will reimburse the cost of transporting a family member or a close person to assist in the repatriation of the insured body of the Insured. The cost of transport will be deducted from the maximum limit of compensation for repatriation expenses. The insurer will provide an insurance indemnity to cover the cost of repatriating of the minor that has no relatives, who accompanies the Insured on the journey. The cost of repatriating the minor will be deducted from the maximum reimbursement indemnity limit.

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