Questions To Ask a Surrogacy Agency

Questions To Ask a Surrogacy Agency
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Opting to go through a surrogacy agency is big decision, and before deciding on a specific agency you should ask them some important questions to make sure you have the right fit. Beyond the questions below, ask anything else you may be wondering about, no matter if you consider it embarrassing. This is too important a decision to leave you with any remaining discomfort in your choice. 

What is Your Success Rate?

Surrogacy can be an expensive option, so you want to be that your chances of success are as high as possible. You should also ask at this time how long the agency has been in business, to ensure that it has sustained success over time.

What Services Do You Offer Clients and Surrogates?

A reputable surrogacy agency should supply an array of support services such as medical and psychological testing, along with counseling services and dependent lawyers. Ask if there are support services that set them apart, such as insurance or post-surrogacy support.

How Are Surrogates Screened and Chosen? 

A potential surrogate will be carrying your child, so it is important to know as much as you can about her background. You can enquire about past successful pregnancies, the diversity of the available surrogate pool, and any other background questions that are important to you. Knowing ahead of time how the agency screens it surrogates allows you to avoid having to ask surrogates questions later regarding their backgrounds and health.

What Is the Exact Payment Structure?

You may only be able to pay for surrogacy in installments, so it is important to know if this is an option. You should also ask about any additional fees for IVF clinics, lawyers or other services. To be sure that an agency treats everyone fairly, ask how much surrogates are paid and how they receive their payments. The surrogacy experience can be stressful, though incredibly rewarding. Don’t let billing surprises dampen your joy.

How Involved Can Parent Be?

If you want to have a big part of choosing your surrogate, and/or keeping in touch with your surrogate during her pregnancy, check with the agency to be sure there are no barriers to your involvement. If potential agencies don’t allow the level of interaction you need to feel comfortable with the surrogacy experience, they probably are not good fits.

Why Is Your Agency a Good Choice?

It is important that you give agency employees an open-ended way to explain their services and the benefits of using their surrogates. If they have difficulty answering this question, it may be a sign that aren’t as invested in surrogates and families as they are in their own finances. Any discomfort you experience after hearing the answer to this question should be viewed as a red flag.

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