Packaging Tapes: How to Choose the Best Tape for Your Needs

Packaging Tapes: How to Choose the Best Tape for Your Needs
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If you are moving from one location to another or city to the next, getting your inventories safe and sound is always top of your priority list. As important as choosing the best boxes and packaging equipment so should it be when picking your packaging tape. Purchasing the wrong type of tape could result in lots damages to your properties including physical harm, wasted time and money. To avoid these loses, the following are some of the factor to consider when choosing the best packaging tape for your moving needs.


In essence, the use of packing tapes is to keep your movable boxes sealed during transits. When choosing therefore the best packing tape for your boxes, the tapes millimeter thickness and its stickiness composition should be able to determine the type of tape you purchase. The best packaging tape you should get from your manufacturer should be directly proportion in thickness and stickiness to your box or packing material in order to support its weight.

Consider the substrate 

When choosing a packaging tape, it is important to consider what you are sealing as there is no one-size-fit-all tape solution. Packing boxes comes in different forms from recycled options to corrugated options. When manufacturing packaging tapes, manufactures always have these different packing materials at the back of their mind therefore this ensures that there is always a tape for every situation. Pay attention to such factors to ensure that you purchase the best tape for your packaging needs.


While it may not look like it, environmental factors such as dust and humidity negatively affects the quality of the tape. If you are transporting your properties to or from a high humid area with lots of dust particles, then the most appropriate packaging tape to consider should be one that has the best adhesive strength to withstand these factors. For hot environments look out for hot adhesive tapes as they will not only help you seal your boxes properly but also, they will help strap two or more boxes together.

Tape width 

To some people this may seem obvious; however, it’s still very important to consider this factor when choosing a packaging tape for your moving needs. Typical packing tapes width range from 48mm to 72mm. Inasmuch as this is the standard measurement for packaging tape, you still need to consider your packing boxes weight and sizes when choosing the tape. For larger boxes the best option to go for would be a 72mm (3”) as it provides the best security and adhesion for the box.

Most at times boxes and other packaging equipment are given the number one priority when it comes to moving. While it’s true that they play a major role in securing your properties, packing tapes do too. It is therefore important to ensure that you pick the best tape that helps you seal your property to keep them together. When choosing packaging tape, consider the above factors and ensure that you buy the best and most affordable product in the market.

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