Orlando for Any Time of Year: What to Do on Rental Car

Orlando for Any Time of Year: What to Do on Rental Car
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In Orlando, the sun shines 300 days a year, which is divided into two seasons: from June to October it is hot and rainy, and from October to May it is cooler and with less precipitation. The reason for such features is that Orlando is located almost at sea level and near the tropic.

In Florida, you can relax all year round and wear shorts and a T-shirt. The average temperature in spring and autumn is 24-27 °C, in summer – 29-31 °C, in winter – 18-20 °C.

The best way to travel around the city is with a car rental in Orlando. It’s not too expensive and starts from 18-20 USD per day depending on the season of rental. Remember, you must have a driving experience of more than a year.

Therefore, we offer a list of things to do depending on the season:


Few people know that Orlando is famous for its many golf courses. It is not surprising as this is the third favorite game of Americans after rugby and basketball. Feel like a real pirate on the stylized Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf or play against Mickey Mouse on one of the 6 golf courses in Walt Disney World.

You can also visit the famous Sea World, where you will not only see the amazing underwater inhabitants, but also swim with them in a special pool. Also there are spectacular shows with dolphins, fur seals, killer whales and even walruses.


Water Park Lagoon Typhoon

What could be better in a hot fine day than refresh yourself under the streams of cool water, jump on the waves or swim against the riotous stream? “Disney Typhoon Lagoon” is a place where you can raft through the winding mountain rivers, go exploring various canyons and fight with waves. Besides, what do you say about the open-air basin, in which the waves reach 2 m height?

Walt Disney World

Orlando is not only a capacious car of a famous brand, but primarily a huge, world-famous adored entertainment center. More than 60 attractions are open on the territory of the Disney Park. There, children can enjoy riding on roundabouts, watch themed shows and incredible fireworks and much more. Moreover, in the World Park, there are many cafes and restaurants to satisfy your appetite.


Surely, the magic world of Harry Potter is a must-visit place of this season. A huge park, where in almost the original and with the smallest details, the world of Harry Potter, his friends and enemies are recreated. The creation involved artists and designers who participated in the production of a film. And of course, the writer Joanna Rowling also took part. In the Harry Potter World every tourist has a unique chance to taste creamy beer in Three Broomsticks and buy a magic wand in Ollivander’s Store.

You can relax from city bustle and entertainment in the golden autumn parks of the city or on the banks of serene lakes. One of the most beautiful islets in Orlando is the landscape park of Harry P. Leu Gardens with its neatly trimmed lawn and delightful flower beds.


In winter, Orlando is great for shopping, especially if it is quite chilly outside. So during your holiday in Orlando, be sure to visit the outlet of Premium Outlets in the area of ​​International Drive and Florida Mall. Note that clients of Yeremenko & Partners receive VIP Club coupons, giving access to additional discounts from 10% to 40% in various stores in Florida!

Go sightseeing and view beautiful sceneries on a car. Book a rental car and you will easily visit all this spots regardless of what the time of the year is.

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