Mobile Apps that can earn you Real Money

Mobile Apps that can earn you Real Money
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A decade ago, no one must have even imagined earning money is just a few clicks away. Money has always been associated with effort and nature of work. However, today we have a bevy of online applications that help you make money in a jiffy. Although you need to be cautious of scamsters, these websites and apps will redefine the way we earn in the near future. This trend will continue as more and more people become aware of alternative, “effortless” methods of earning some extra cash with no investment. All that is required is a smartphone. Be it playing card games online or answering surveys, you have everything at your fingertips.

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Khelplay Rummy:

It is a great ideal to play rummy online if you wish to earn some real cash. The Khelplay Rummy website ensures easy deposit and fast withdrawal. Refer your friends to get cash and a welcome bonus of 100{f35b16eb0048c74681985a1969674bbcc954290adb4d0e54cc91fa746b5957d4}. This website offers more than Rs. 5 lakh worth of real cash for free every month to users. This rummy portal is available as an app that is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms. The best part about signing up on this portal is your payments are protected by a strong security system.


Switch to the shoot mode from the selfie mode. You can now capture the items you use on a daily basis and upload the shots on the Iconzoomer app. What’s the big deal? You get paid for doing this. After you download this app and sign in, you get notifications instructing you to put up pictures of your shoes, clothes, or even the food you eat on the app. Such tasks fetch you credit points that can be redeemed in the form of cash or Amazon gift card balance. Iconzoomer makes you do things to collect data to help companies improve their products and services.

Field Agent:

Sounds like a covert operation? This app instructs you to undertake some field work in your neighbourhood. This app functions in a way similar to Iconzoomer. Field Agent makes you take pictures of haunted houses and grocery in an effort to conduct audits for an insight into stores and other places.


This app helps you stay fit by exhorting you to go to the gym. You get cash when you attend a session at the gym and are instructed to pay for every miss.


This portal offers a number of games for free with the option of polishing your skills and playing with friends online. The cash you win goes directly to your Ozoneplay account. The amount can be withdrawn at any time. You can earn cash prizes worth a 1000 dollars from this portal. Entertaining yourself will fetch you cash, and it cannot get better than this.


This app provides a platform for you to rate downloaded apps suggest improvements. This operation gets you points that can be redeemed later. You move to a higher level if you have 500 points in your AppRedeem account. Once you accumulate a certain number of points, you can exchange them for real cash via Amazon gift cards.

There are a plenty of apps to help you make money online. Some pay you for shopping as well. Perform some tasks and upload pictures of receipts after shopping for grocery. You get paid for doing only this. With minimal effort comes risk. Therefore, ensure that you verify the authenticity of the portals claiming to offer cash. Also, ensure that you do not leak your bank account information under any circumstances. Once you are convinced, go ahead. Happy earning!

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