Map Lombok Containing Watery Resort For Your Unforgettable Holiday Experience

Map Lombok Containing Watery Resort For Your Unforgettable Holiday Experience
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Departing to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara for a holiday vacation is probably a dream of every nowaday’s tourist. It’s not like the Indonesia’s other cities charm has faded or else, but the island has unarguably turned into the jewel of the country. All of sudden, the development went there after many domestic traveler managed to put some of photos capturing the beauty of the island viral on social media. This soon was followed by the exploration of spots, making the island more popular both nationally and internationally. That is a glimpse of Lombok tourism and the rest is history. No, we are not jealous and we are not even from a travelling organizer that is overshadowed by Lombok’s charm, no we are not. In fact, we are also happy to know Lombok has been turning into the world’s tourism belle, considering the map lombok that is full of tourist attraction. The picturesque and gorgeous natural attractions, they are all indeed worth of visit.  

You probably need a few descriptions for the map Lombok Indonesia that contains a series of tourist attraction we mean here. It’s okay though, we are here to explain that. Explaining why Lombok is worth of visit by showing you a number of its natural tourist destination. Keep scrolling down!

  • Tangsi Beach

Tourists are porbably actualy no strangers to this place, yet the Tangsi Beach is still quiet and rarely visited. The beach that located in Sekaroh village posseses uniqueness which is the pink sand – the tone that is formed from white sand grains mized with pink coral flakes – that appears in the morning or afternoon before the sunset.

  • Segui Beach

Another pink beach that can be found in the island is the Segui beach, the Tangsi beach’s twin. Not only the shore, in this place you can also find the twin hills in which you will be able to observe the beauty of the ocean and Mount Rinjani from that point.

Those two above are indeed the most popular watery resort in the island. However there are still more places that are no less interesting than them, which is good to visit moreover if you want to complete your map lombok surf spots. Then, why are you stopping here?

  • Gili Trawangan

Among the three gili in Lombok (Gili Air, Gili Meno, & Gili Trawangan), Gili Trawangan is well known for its surfing spot. The reef-coral typed beach with the frequency 2 of 4, however will only fit the experienced surfer or pros. Why the long face? You can still try the Air Guling, Senggigi or Kuta, after all.

  • Segara Anak Lake

Moving closer to Mount Rinjani area, you will be able to see this beautiful blue lake. We suggest you to visit this place during the day or in the morning, and feel it by yourself the fresh atmosphere lingering in this place.

  • Pura Batu Bolong

Situated at Senggigi Beach and established on a black rock that juts out into the sea, pura batu bolong will turn into a romantic place during the night and it is recommended to visit this place with your partner.

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