Learning How To Pass a Drug Test

Learning How To Pass a Drug Test
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Suppose you are going to join a new company, and as part of regular procedure you are asked to take part in a drug test. Or, you might be participating in an athletics event, and the authorities have asked for your urine sample to test for banned drugs and substances. Basically, these drug tests check for following substances in your urine or hair sample –

  • Cannabis
  • Amphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine
  • Opiates

So, if you are into one of these drugs, it is highly likely that you will fail the test. So how to pass a drug test? Is there any way around? Yes! While the best way to pass a drug test is total abstinence, you can still work your way around, and pass the test. We will tell you how.

Drink a lot of fluid

Most drugs are excreted through urine. That is why you need to drink a lot of fluid and pee as many times as you can before appearing for the test. This will allow your body to excrete most of the drugs through urine. Furthermore, you can take diuretics such as coffee or cranberry juices to speed up the whole process. Similarly, there are several prescription diuretics available too, but some of them might show up during the testing and will render it invalid. In addition, you need to make sure your urine color is “yellowish,” otherwise you might be asked to appear for the test again. Drinking too much water might remove the yellow color from your urine. Do not worry! Vitamin-B will save you from embarrassment by restoring the yellow color of your urine.

Provide a list of your prescription drugs

Furthermore, you should provide a list of medicines you take along with their prescriptions to the relevant authority. They will check those and make sure none of them interferes with your drug test. If any of them does, they will first ask you to discontinue that drug and appear for the test at a later date.

Specific masking agents

There are specific masking agents available for most drugs. For example, studies revealed that taking 4-6 aspirin tablets before appearing for the test increases your chances of testing negative for cannabis. Furthermore, Zinc can be hard to trace back in urine, and taking some supplements leading up to the test might prove to be a deal breaker in most cases.

Specialized products

There are numerous online shops selling tablets, powders, and diuretics that would help your body to clear those drugs quickly and efficiently. While not all of those companies are credible, some of them are in business for a long time and have a wide range of products in their repository.

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