Integrating Digital Menu Boards Into Your Restaurant

Integrating Digital Menu Boards Into Your Restaurant
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As a restaurateur, you do everything you can to create a delicious menu and regular flow of clientele to keep your business alive. Running a restaurant, diner or cafe can be difficult in such a competitive market. No sooner do you think you’re doing well that you realize another cafe is opening up right next door or your regular customers stop coming to eat. The key to running a successful eatery is constantly expanding and providing modern conveniences that everyone will benefit from.

What is a Digital Menu Board?

A digital menu board is a large television screen that is installed into your restaurant, preferably in an area that is easy to spot, such as above the order counter. The television can be customized to your restaurant’s needs and give an overview of available foods, dishes and beverages in an easy-to-read format. You’ve probably seen digital menus in some of your favorite chains like McDonald’s and Burger King.

What are the Benefits of a Digital Menu Board?

There are several benefits to switching from a typical sign board to a digital one. For starters, you’re modernizing your restaurant and giving it a fresh and vibrant appeal. These boards tend to be easier to read than others, so they’re great for aging customers or for when you have a lot of items on your menu. Because you can change the board at any time, you’ll be able to add on or take away dishes and alter prices as needed. If you pay to have a board sign made up for your restaurant, expect to have to pay to have it changed anytime you make alterations to your prices or menu.

How to Get One Installed

In order to get one installed, you can visit to purchase the software and then contact a local handyman to install the television for you. The television has to be expertly mounted to the wall and trying to do this yourself can be problematic if it becomes loose and falls. The software itself can run you a few hundred dollars and then you’ll have to pay for a Smart TV that is able to be integrated with a digital menu board. While the initial investment might seem a bit hefty, you’ll have a long-term product that benefits every aspect of your new restaurant. Certain software companies will do the installation and integration for you, which can wind up saving you additional fees.

When a Digital Board Doesn’t Work

Digital menu boards are great for all types of businesses, but they may not necessarily work for every restaurant out there. If you don’t have an order counter where people can place their orders, you’re not likely to benefit from this digital display. For example, if you run a sit-down restaurant and have paper handheld menus that patrons look at before ordering, there is absolutely no reason to go with a digital board.

Also, if you don’t want an add-on fee to your electricity bill each month, you don’t want to go with a screen that has to be plugged in and uses energy to constantly run. Some restaurants have even found that older patrons find digital boards to be annoying and confusing to read, so you might want to steer clear of the change if most of your clients are in their golden years. Other than some downfalls, a digital menu board is highly advantageous to most businesses and can totally transform your restaurant so that it is more modern and appealing to the crowd you’re bringing in.


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