Importance of Workforce Management and Filed Service Management Software

Importance of Workforce Management and Filed Service Management Software
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There are many processes that play an important role in the success of many corporations, and one of these processes is workforce management. The main role of workforce management is to enhance performance levels in an organization while at the same time improving the competency of the organization. To achieve all these, there are necessary activities that are required such as human resource management, scheduling, field service management, performance and training management as well as budgeting, data collection and recruiting. Some of these issues such as field service management are very complex and require proper management. However, with a dispatch software, it’s very easy to ensure that the right job falls to the qualified personnel. 

Software used in workforce management 
The good thing about workforce management solutions is that they can be deployed on mobile platforms as well as through the enterprise. Use of workforce software has been inspired by the use of software in other areas such as customer relationship management, human resources, service lifecycle management and enterprise resource planning. Despite the introduction of these software solutions, workforce management is still being managed through simple programs such as time recording and spreadsheet programs. However, there are numerous disadvantages that are associated with these outdated methods such as non-productive idle times, expensive overtime and poor opportunity cost. Other disadvantages associated with these traditional methods include high fluctuation rates and incurring opportunity costs. This can, however, be solved by the use of a planning software that has the following advantages.

Advantages of software solution in workforce management
One complication that workforce planning faces is relevant legislation. With workforce software, it’s possible to ensure that you stay on the right side of the law. This means being on the right side of local agreements and being able to honor all agreements and contracts with your employees. This ensures that you are not sued for ignoring some employees’ rights. Another good thing about workforce management software is that it allows you to come up with schedules that will be in line with your forecasted requirements. A good software will also make it possible to serve priority customers first. Traveling for technicians and engineers is another big issue, and a good software should make it possible to reduce their travel time while maximizing their working time. Finally, a workforce management system will ensure that an assignment or a task falls to the right technician or the engineer who is accustomed to the job.

Field service management 
Field service management is an important aspect of workforce management that involves managing a company’s resources and employees when on the premise of the client. This includes services such as taking care of the location of the companies’ vehicles, managing workers activities while at clients’ premises and taking care of other important activities like billing, inventory, and accounting. Acquiring the right field service management is dependent on many things such as the size of your company, planned data usage as well as the intended number of users and the business needs of your company. 


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