I’m a Millenial and there are certain needs that I can only cover with my Smartphone

I’m a Millenial and there are certain needs that I can only cover with my Smartphone
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I’m Amul. I’m 23 years old and every time my iPhone runs out of battery I have anxiety attacks. I had my first mobile phone when I was 11 years old, and since then my thumb moves as an epileptic typist. Checking my cell phone is the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing I do before I go to sleep. This is how I am, and I like it.

You may think I’m an addict, but what do you pretend? I met my girlfriend on Tinder, I rented my house onAirBnB, I found work on LinkedIN, I made friends in Instagram, I move around with Google Maps, I buy on Amazon, I dance with Spotify and I don’t recognize an emotion if there is no Emoji associated to it.How can you pretend my Smartphone not turning into an extension of my body?

Today I have been asked to do an x-ray of a Millenial’s Smartphone. As there are no two identical skeletons there are no two identical Smartphones, so I will try to synthesize the main needs that we cover thanks to a diverse series of Apps.

Visual exhibitionism

Millenials love to broadcast our lives at all times. In fact, if you don’t post it, it has never happened. This narcissism is closely linked to our constant need for approval. There is nothing like a bunch of likes to give a boost to our self-esteem.

That’s why apps such as Instagram, Facebook or Periscope become essential to satiate our show off addiction.

Simplified personal finance

I haven’t walked a bank office for centuries, and I truly hope I won’t to do it for many years.

This is not only due to the launch of Apps by the big financial entities, but also due to several independent Apps that allow you to pay your friends with the mobile. With just a single click we keep ourfinances up to date.

2.0 Love

The 21st century flirting is certainly happening on our smartphones. The number of apps aimed at it has constantly been growing during the last years, together with their users. Currently there are flirting Apps that have different game rules and features, however, they all have a common goal. Finding the love of your life (or at least tonight’s).

Whatever your style, everyone has gone through a period of being a single with at least one profile at these apps. In fact, more and more people are getting stable partners through these means. Myself, for exampleJ

Buying(and selling)

Either through e-commerce apps or other collaborative apps for buying and selling objects, there’s no longer need for doing crazy queues during the sales days. I look for what I need, I compare prices and then, I buy it. And when I no longer need it, I sell it just the same way.

These are just 4 of the many needs we, Millenials, cover with our smartphone. We are tired of hearing complains about our “addiction”. It’s our way of relating to the world, we are Millenials because the world has made us this way, leave us alone.

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