How to Find Your Next Car Dealer (and One Mistake to Avoid)

How to Find Your Next Car Dealer (and One Mistake to Avoid)
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If you are in the market for a new or gently used vehicle in the near future, you want a good deal and a fair trade in price, like any car buyer. You also want to do business with a reputable company, so you won’t have buyer’s regret. You would appreciate a concrete standard by which to judge the prices of the vehicle you are buying, and your trade in vehicle. Finding a dealer with high quality vehicles for sale can be tricky, and you definitely do not want to be mistreated. Your Bloomington Chrysler dealer is a great place to start your search.


One of the most helpful tools when searching for a dependable, trustworthy car dealer is online reviews. Most people buy vehicles only once in several years, so it can be difficult to develop a working relationship with a car dealer, let alone knowing several dealers well enough to choose among them. This is why it pays to listen to other customers’ experiences. While it’s true that some companies plant paid reviews and that a few customers with unreasonable expectations may give false negative reviews, looking at the general consensus will reflect the average customer’s experience.


Knowing how much to expect for your trade in or how much to pay for a given vehicle can be complicated. It’s important that both vehicles are appraised according to the same fair scale. Before you make a deal, consult a third-party appraisal scale such as Kelley Blue Book. Most libraries make these publications available at no charge, and many appraisal scales can be found online. You can assume you are receiving a fair value if both vehicles are evaluated by the same scale.


To help spot a high-class car dealer, look further then the car you want—look at the sum quality of all the cars on offer. If a dealer has only a few vehicles to sell and half are pretty rough, consider looking elsewhere. The quality of the cars for sale shows what kind of business this dealer is doing. If you are looking for a dealer who has a variety of reliable, late model vehicles, see your Bloomington Chrysler dealer.


One mistake many car shoppers make is accepting short, rude, or brusque treatment while shopping. You may be tempted to excuse slight disrespect, thinking the salesperson is very busy or in a hurry; however, rudeness in business is never acceptable. A professional salesperson knows each potential customer deserves regard and appreciation for bringing business to the dealership. A salesperson who does not show respect when dealing with customers is unlikely to be fair regarding the sale or contract.

Use these tips to find a top quality car dealer for your next vehicle purchase.






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