Guide for the top Mac torrent client in 2017

Guide for the top Mac torrent client in 2017
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Torrent offers seamless, quick downloading large files like TV shows, software programs, games and movies. Whether it’s private or personal, Torrent makes file sharing anywhere in the world easy.

Advantages to the user of using Torrent:

  • Faster downloads, more peers
  • Less chance of corruption as it verifies each piece of the file(s) against the larger swarm
  • Integration at its best Couchpotato, RSS, Sickbeard, Plex, Sonarr, Sickrage, Headphones, and the list goes on.

Read On To Know Which All Apps Made It To The “Top Torrent Clients For Mac”


A first-rate torrent downloader for Mac, Folx is a top Torrent app for mac which makes downloading torrent files and creating torrents for various trackers very easy.

With Folx; download tasks can be prioritized, uploading and downloading speed can be measured and planned whilst its tagging features allows quick search through downloaded content. It also lets you to download torrents using files from the trackers, as well as through magnet links.


uTorrent is one of the most popular Torrent clients for Mac. The reason behinds its soaring popularity is because it is light weight, fast, feature rich, powerful and most importantly developed and supported by BitorentInc, which makes it official torrent client.

It has got all the features that a user would expect from a BitTorrent client which includes an ability to resume paused downloads, it lets you download in sequential order, offers support for encrypted files, it lets you schedule your next download, and more.


One of the most popular Torrent clients for Mac comes equipped with good range of features. It is super light in weight which runs quietly in the background with or without a UI. Offers you system notifications for your live and completed downloads, schedule your download scheduling, remote management, and everything else that you are expecting from a well-built client.

Xtorrent P2P

It is said to be the most intellectually and stylishly designed with a well-thought interface which makes Xtorrent P2P different from others. The app is completely free to download and use. However; if you wish to download torrents at usual speed it is good that you go for a paid version.

Bitorrent Official Client

Great options equipped with amazing features, it is light weight on your system offering free downloads at good speed.  No ads to disturb you, it’s easy to stream torrents from the app directly.

Vuze for Mac

It is a top quality Torrent client available for Mac that comes with amazing features. It makes easier to pick parts from torrent files, like large audio file containing etc. You can also send files to different target locations. It offers more functionality, but loses some simplicity.

Deluge Bitorrent Client

It is one of the oldest Torrent clients around. It’s absolutely free, cross-platform, and supports stuff like encoded downloads, bandwidth scheduling, remote management through a web based interface, proxy support etc. It is inherently very small but can be conveniently extended with 3rd party plugins. Also, free from advertising and unwanted plugins

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