Four Rules to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Four Rules to Lose Weight and Keep It Off
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Most of us can follow a strict diet regime for a limited period. To lose weight and stay away from it, we have to change our lifestyle. You do not have to make your life miserable. You do not need to punish yourself to achieve success. Skipping your favorite food items and always thinking about exercise is not the only mantra for permanent weight loss. You do not need to keep an eye on every calorie you consume and spend hours in the gymnasium. Here are four rules, which will help you not only weight loss, but also it will help to keep it off.  You need to be careful when you are consuming high calorie food items.

Reasonable timeframes

Thisis noticed that people who lose weight and want to keep it off do not have any weight loss goals, which they are unable to achieve. For example if you set a goal for yourself to lose 50 pounds of weight in a month, is simply impractical. You cannot achieve this much of weight loss by healthy means. Naturally, your body is not designed to burn fat at this much rate. Suppose you are living a sedentary lifestyle, than your metabolic will be much slower. You have to believe that weight loss is a gradual process and by adopting healthy lifestyle changes, you will not only achieve it, you will not regain it in your life.

Know your hunger signs

Thisis also found that people who are overweight eat more than they require while dealing with their boredom. You can also consume much when you are in distress or dealing with emotional situations. You need to cultivate the habit of not consuming anything until you are hungry. If you will dig more into this, you will find that healthy people eat only when they are hungry. They also eat small portion size. You need to make a difference between your hunger and false hunger signs. While eating food make sure to eat slowly because it will take around 20 minutes for your brain to understand how full you are. Eating slowly will keep you away from overeating.

Eat everything in moderation

Whatever you are eating, make sure to eat it in moderation. There is nothing wrong to consume cake or ice cream occasionally. You have to remember that how much you are gaining by your new healthy habits. You need to be careful while eating your favorite food items. Make sure not to cross the limit and eat your favorite foods rarely to deal with your food cravings.

Physical activity

This is the first and the most important thing to lose weight. You are supposed to move your body and stay active throughout the day. You have to take part in different physical activities you enjoy doing. This will increase your metabolic rate and burn good amount of calories. Try to involve in those activities, which you love so that you will not to skip them. Taking your family or friends for a physical activity is also a good practice. You will love to play water sports in summer and they burn good calories.

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