Flamenco schools in Spain

Flamenco schools in Spain
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Amor de Dios

Amor de Dios is an emblematic name and space of flamenco and Spanish dance. It is a non-academic, traditional school that does not award titles but rather forms professionals for the stage. It also disseminates its artistic specialties on a global level through the training of highly qualified amateurs who constitute its main social support base and whose direct initiatives are: instructing others, directing entities, organizing events, etc., which, along with the work of great artists, explain its universal penetration. The center extends its educational activities to the music and dances of the school and to the rest of the Spanish or other related dances, music, and arts of popular extraction: Mediterranean, Hindu, Arab, and Latin American.

Granada Contradanza

School of flamenco and dance. School of tango. Regular and intensive courses, summer courses, workshops, and dance classes in Granada. Rehearsal rooms.

AdosÁngel Atienza

The “AdosÁngel Atienza” school was with the purpose to teach flamenco dance from a professional perspective.

This long journey brings the school both stage and teaching experience, which is why it assumes this project with a great personal commitment to the students.

Knowing the need for a solid foundation by those who are starting as well as the importance of daily practice that enriches the knowledge of those who have already begun, Ángel Atienza not only is committed to teaching but also chooses to invite highly recognized teachers to the school, believing in plurality when it comes to teaching.

Casa Patas Foundation

The Casa Patas Flamenco Conservatory Foundation is a private non-profit cultural institution dedicated to the promotion, teaching, and dissemination of flamenco art at a national and international level. It is registered in the Foundations Registry of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport. The foundation began its activity in the year 2000, establishing its headquarters in the upper floors of the building on Calle de losCañizares nº 10 in Madrid, on the ground floor of which Casa Patas is located.

The synergies between the two entities, Casa Patas and the Casa Patas Foundation, have contributed to boost the development and increase the projection of activities carried out by each of them, enabling them to take on projects of greater magnitude.

La Tani School of Flamenco Dance

From a young age, La Tani studied in the “Maestro Lombardero” academy, from which great figures have arisen in the world of dance such as la Toná (National Dance Award), Lario Díaz (National Ballet), Faraón, La Taranto, etc.

From the start, she has alternated the study of flamenco dance with the Spanish classic, reaching a high level of quality, experience, and professionalism, making her one of the most complete dancers in the national sphere today.

At 8 years old, she made her first appearance in the Calderón Theater, causing great sensation due to her precocious talent. Her professional life began at the age of 13 on a dance tour through Spain and France. Since then, she has dedicated herself completely to dance, acting in the best tablaos and spectacles: among others, Los Tarantos, El Duende, El Cordobés, Las Vegas, El Tablao de Carmen, and El Gran Casino de Barcelona.


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