Enjoying Kid Friendly New Zealand

Enjoying Kid Friendly New Zealand
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While you may have fond memories of those first independent road trips during university breaks or those special solo journeys that you can take more often in your independent youth, just because you have a family doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a wonderful New Zealand vacation. There are many fun experiences throughout the country that are family friendly, as well. So take care of that campervan hire and get ready for a full family fun vacation in the islands.

#1: Auckland Park Scene

Auckland is a great place to visit for a wide variety of reasons, one of which is the park scene. While museums and tours might only hold kids’ attention for only so long, there is a healthy and vibrant public park scene that offers plenty of options when it comes to getting outside and enjoying the sun, the grass, and socializing in an outdoor setting.

In fact there are 26 regional parks that vary from mostly grass to coastal parks and forest based parks, as well. These are well maintained and a popular option for enjoying the outside area.

#2: Waitomo Cave Tours

The Waitomo Caves are quite a sight no matter what your age, and should be on any itinerary to see the best that New Zealand has to offer. The Waitomo Caves are unique because they are filled with huge populations of glow worms – and are in fact quite famous around the world. Chances are if you’ve ever seen a picture of a glowing cave ceiling, this is the place. These famous glow worms always hang out on the ceiling and causes the ceiling to shine like a bright starry sky.

Cave tours are done by boat and allow you to safely explore and experience these beautiful caves, and they have a strange enchanting power that enthralls children of all ages as well as adults who are still kids at heart.

#3: Tekapo Springs Water Park – TRIPPO Waterslide

Home of the TRIPPO waterslide, Tekapo Springs has not only the largest inflatable water slide in the entire nation of New Zealand, but this is actually the largest waterslide in the world. It’s positioned on the outdoor rink during the summer season of Tekapo Springs and makes for a great day of fun while also being in a great location that allows you to explore many other local sights and attractions, as well.

#4: Rotorua

Rotorua is a must visit location for families who want to keep the kids engaged while also enjoying their vacation. Home to many of the biggest and best amusement parks and water parks in all of New Zealand, Rotorua offers fun for all the kids and plenty of ways to burn off energy while building lasting memories.

When it’s time to settle down for the day or grab something to eat, visit famous “Eat Street” in Rotorua and see the full culinary scene in the area.

#5: Auckland Zoo

The Auckland Zoo is a great attraction that not only includes the best zoo in the country but also a tropical butterfly house and aquarium to give kids a chance to see a full range of animals and enjoy a number of less conventional zoo-related experiences. These build up great family memories and are a great way to spend a day.

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