Coping with a Bad Roommate and Coming out Tops

Coping with a Bad Roommate and Coming out Tops
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Hyderabad is a city where a modern economy and lifestyle blends with heritage. It is also home to one of the best biryanis in the world. Living here should be a joy. However, an insensitive roommate can sour your experience in this city.

Finding a furnished apartment on rent in Hyderabad and sharing the costs is a completely sensible thing to do. At times though, we choose our roommates hastily because of the excitement associated with moving into the new place. It could be the guy who leaves his stuff around the place and eats your food. It could be the girl who has shouting matches with her boyfriend on the phone at 3 AM and doesn’t pool in for groceries. The scenarios are endless, the result is the same – you are absolutely miserable.

Now that you are sure you are living with the roommate from hell, you need to mobilize yourself and start dealing with the situation.

Address Situations Early

It is always good to nip things in the bud. Do not allow bad behaviour to get incorporated – if you sense something wrong with your roommate’s attitude – be direct.  Sometimes we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt but this might be perceived as you being ‘okay’ with certain behaviours and habits.

Introspection before Reaction

Sometimes we tend to project our larger frustrations on the nearest person so your roommate squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle might look like the invasion of Poland. Put yourself in their shoes and study the counter-perspective before you bring up your grievances.

The intensity of your reaction should be proportional to the crime. If she is using up the internet and leaving you with nothing at the end of the month – ask her to shell out for a larger pack or go easy on the downloading. If he is hitting on your girlfriend, tell him to leave.

Keep Calm and Listen

The saddest part about bad roommates is that they are more likely friends rather than the stereotypical weird stranger. You need to be extra sensitive when it comes to discussing issues, but at the same time, you cannot waver from your stance.

Avoid reacting in anger and instead, have a sit-down where you both behave like mature adults. Never leave out the possibility of a misunderstanding that leads to a dysfunctional relationship. Maybe you can analyze and see how compromises can be made on both sides. The problem could be as simple as paying the costs on time, or a little more complex, like bringing loud friends over unexpectedly. Remember, there is always a solution and it does not involve a death match.

If it is a tangible problem – a privacy (or lack of) issue or financial matter – it can be fixed. If it is more of a clash of attitudes, you may need to take the last resort.

Move Out

Sometimes it is just not worth it. Your peace of mind does not have a price tag. Moving out of your apartment is not the end of the world, in fact, it can signal the beginning of better things. You can find a single room for rent in Hyderabad at a low cost and enjoy your space and privacy. A PG in Hyderabad Madhapur is also a great idea. Nestaway helps your find accommodations which cater to a range of needs, and is the perfect way to find a room for rent.

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