Choose the right fiber for your sofa to suit all seasons

Choose the right fiber for your sofa to suit all seasons
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Sofas are the center piece of living rooms. Every guest is treated in your living room. Guests sit, children play, family members relax on them for hours as they find sofas most comfortable to sit and play video games or watch TV. And therefore, sofas generally get worn out very early.

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So before you buy a replacement of your sofa or re upholster the older one, have a look at the tips to choose the right fabric for your sofa:

  • Keep in mind where your sofa is placed and then buy right fabric for the sofa. Sofas which are placed in high traffic areas need strong and easy to clean fabrics while sofas placed in quiet rooms can boast fine and luxurious fabrics.
  • Before you choose the right fabric for your sofa, know the pros and cons of all the fabrics.
  • Natural fabrics are generally ideal for prints. They are softer but can fade in direct sunlight. For example, cotton is soft and absorbent but fades easily. Wool is warm and hence is not suitable for sofa fabric. Silk has strong fiber and natural shine but can be damaged by sunlight.
  • Synthetic fibers are more durable and more resistant to staining and fading than natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are susceptible to pilling. Polyester is very durable and cleanable. Nylon is very much stain resistant and durable.
  • Choose the sofa or fabric which suits the current décor of the room. Buy a sofa which complements the size, shape, and color of the center table. A sofa which has bold and large prints looks best in a spacious room. If the sofa is to be placed in a room full of unique art, they should go for fabric which is less ornate.

Follow the above tips and choose the right fabric for your sofa!  

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