Buy the best blender according to your budget

by Henry Dick | October 23, 2017 6:19 am

There are various kinds of blenders out there in the market. They are really useful in all kinds of kitchen works like chopping, making Smoothies and juices, crushing ice, grinding coffee beans etc. Identify the best blender that will suit your need and also the best blender for the money[1] by keeping these points in mind.

Here the best blender for each price range is discussed below

Best blender for a tight budget

Most of the blenders which are pocket friendly come with a three blade design. Some May thing that such low budget blender will not a sleek design but there are many blenders at these price range which can easily prove you wrong. These blenders are often powerful with a 1000 watt motor. The three blades have three different speed setting. These blenders also come with pulse setting. One drawback is that these budget friendly blenders are not very sturdy so they do not work very smoothly.

Best medium range blender

If you are willing to a standard amount on buying a blender then there are many options for you in the market. These blenders are made of stainless steel hammer mill and cutting blades that can work at the speed of 11 to 240 miles per hour. One important factor is the warranty period of mid-range blenders can easily extend up to seven years. Generally the container of these blenders is of 64 ounce which is ideal for blending from medium to large batches.

These come with manual speed control setting. The blades of the blenders can be easily adjusted to achieve any texture that we want to have. Also the dial of the blender can be rotated manually. The blender can blend anything from soft fruits to coffee beans. The blades of the blender rotate very fast and thus create friction heat. This friction heat is also useful to heat up cold ingredients while blending. The jar of these types of blenders is made of BPA-Free Eastman Triton Co polyester which is also very good.

Best high range blenders –

Well if you are willing to spend more than enough to buy a good blender then it will be life time investment for you. There are powerful blenders for both commercial and house kitchen use in this price range. The warranty period of these expensive blenders are also for a longer period of time. Sometime these blenders often come with LCD screen which displays the current blend cycle and other information. They come with the feature of blender cycle. These features ensure that once the blending task of the blender is done it will automatically stop. These blenders also have the preprogrammed and smoothie cycle that will make the perfect smoothie. They also have the clean cycle that will clean up the jar.

There are some other preprogrammed cycles like smoothie, clean, sixty seconds, ninety seconds, plus, five incremental speeds etc. They also have touch pad interface which makes it easier to clean. The illuminated LCD timer displays the remaining time on the blender. The jar of the blender can perform high speed blending. The wildlife plus has these facility of extra wide space and a narrow side that makes for a faster and smoother blend.

The jar can create more friction and thus helps in heating up soups and hot drinks. These blenders can also grind coffee beans and other grains.

Other key factors which determine which can be the best blender for the money

The blender that you want to use for a longer period of time comes with a brush less DC motor in their blade. This will ensure that the blender makes much less noise and it performs smoothly. Also they are said to be long lasting. These blenders may come in a little higher price but they can guarantee to work for a longer time.

The speed of the blender should also be checked before buying a blender. The more the speed of the blade the more you will enjoy the blending process.

The power output of a good blender is always high so check the power output of the blender before buying one.

The jar of the blender should be BPA- free and should also be large enough to prepare large batches at the same time. The blades of the blenders should be strong enough to grind and crush coffee beans and ice cubes respectively. If the blender comes with a go to jar then you can prepare Smoothies in the jar and take the same jar with you. The jar should be easy to clean. The blender should also have a cord hiding space.

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