Best FrontPage Hosts and their Features

Best FrontPage Hosts and their Features
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When you are going to use Microsoft FrontPage, you have to use great hosting services. The hosting company must have the features that are required for your company’s website and also that will feature the best of your company. There are several different frontpage hosts that will fulfill your needs in the best way possible.

Some of the important features are necessary while one wants to go for the best outcome. You have to be very careful and critical of what you chose. It will set the face for your company for people who are online and writing reviews on them. There can be several problems that you would face if you do not examine properly at first.

Problems for Hosting: There can be several different problems that one would face while they are hosting their company’s website. But some major ones that would be complete because of a wrong selection are:

  • Site downtime
  • Errors in message email or FTP functions.
  • The website might not load at all.

To avoid these problems and much more for the best results we recommend you use FatCow for your frontpage hosting. They are a great company for all your hosting worries, and their features are the newest and with best prices.

FrontPage Extensions: Every website or service needs certain things to work smoothly and properly. Extensions are one of those elements that help a website and service is running correctly. Fatcow has several features in this section like:

  • The access to the Database DNS is of thetop level.
  • The c-Panel is web based and is very user-friendly for even beginners
  • The server of the website runs on the operating system windows 2003.
  • An additional of 2500 accounts is provided for emailing.
  • FrontPage 2002 Extensions (XP)
  • The server pages, database, and are well equipped with support and active services.

Having said all that, the last decision is always your, because after all it is your company and you know its needs the best. Decide wisely and do not be fooled by any fake promises.

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