BBQ parties with my guitar

BBQ parties with my guitar
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Picnics bring a lot of memories from childhood. From packing the most delicious lunch and backpacking with cousins to trekking with friends and reaching our favorite spot just to go and chill. They’re a boon to our mundane lives.

The basic idea:

The idea behind a picnic is like a get together where every favorite friend would gather and make memories. Of course, it is about the food, but it is more about the company. I love trekking in the hills and carrying my guitar along. It gives me peace like no other. The jam which waits at the end of the journey is heart-warming. I guess one should be blessed to have goofy friends who are full of high spirits and always encourage any music and sing along.

A perfect picnic doesn’t exist; however, an excellent group of people can be moulded. More like family. Of course, picnics can be celebrated with family too, but that is a different type. One should be blessed to have a family comprising of young cousins and like minded adults. They always appreciate the younger members of the family, hearing them out. Hence the entire hullabaloo of picnics lives up to its name.

Musical trips:

My guitar accompanies me in every such event in the family or among friends. Not just me, there are other people joining us who play an instrument too. Together, the picnic comes alive. Jamming to our favorite songs and making merry, I really couldn’t want more. Another amazing thing about picnics is the opportunity of taking a day off with your close ones. A day filled with fun and frolic is like making the heart content in its truest sense.

Don’t count your calories!

There is no point keeping a count on calories when on a picnic or a trip. Usually, in my experience, everyone is asked to bring their favorite or best-cooked dish and bring it to the picnic. A forever favorite picnic idea is a BBQ, collecting the best produce in the market, marinating the meat and grilling it on the BBQ, while listening to good music in the background in the backdrop of a beautiful sunny day- the best picnic ever.

BBQ parties have an old-school charm to it. I have never seen even a cranky member in the picnic complain about BBQ. Be it a 7-year-old 70. It is everyone’s all-time favorite. Savouring their best condiments with your loved ones in a beautiful setting is what life is made of.

The future generations don’t feel the same though. Rarely the younger generations indulge into activities which refresh the soul and mind. Instead, they are often found drunk in a bar. I firmly believe in carrying a beer with me in picnics. Hence it is not exactly alcohol-free. However, the generations after us believe in loud trippy music, possibly drunk or high. Under certain circumstances and occasions, I too would do that, but not on a picnic. They prefer being loud. Perhaps it is the age.

I have been brought up in a family where my father keeps avid interest in photography. With love for traveling in his heart, he has brought me up to love nature and captures the beauties it had to offer. I carry my camera which he gifted me for such occasions, provided the location is not amidst the ruckus of the city. I capture Mother Nature, the raw side if it is captivating. It gives me tranquillity and peace. It would be a day to remember much better than a day in the shopping mall with the squad.

The north Cornish coast, the beautiful Scottish Highlands, backpacking in Shropshire, the Botanic gardens in Glasgow the Norfolk coast, etc. are few examples of amazing spots for picnics in the UK. The best part of the country is probably it’s varied landscapes, providing choice for every person with different tastes. Making time for such experiences is necessary.

I hope to raise my children the same way I have been brought up, with similar values to know how to appreciate the straightforward and small things in life.

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