Anabel Hernandez, The simple truth is Not yet been Uncovered

Anabel Hernandez, The simple truth is Not yet been Uncovered
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Anabel Hernandez is definitely an investigative journalist. She was enthusiastic about her career and aimed to discover the truth. She’d to pay for its cost. Its interpretation might be produced in two ways. First is she’s threatened to become wiped out and also at second the sum of the $ $ $ $ to twist the reality. For which she writes she’s constantly under dying threats. Her writings includes major drug cartel in Mexico particularly Sinaloa cartel. Her tales have to do with Mexican government, Ex-presidents and customary citizen of Mexico. She’s her special security round her constantly by means of body pads. The 2nd part which arises is when much she’s being thorough together with her investigative journalism, exactly what is a cost of bending the reality?


Just how much influence Awarded journalists have? Individuals have introduced up some allegations beside her. She’s been accused under different charges like false swearing, character murder and having to pay people so they support her tales. She’s also charged with getting direct links with prisoners, even individuals who’re behind the bars for his or her murder, extortion and kidnapping cases. But whenever requested, she denies any kind of her relations using these people. Individuals have introduced certain cases against her in the courtroom but all vain simply because they ultimately have to stop. The judicial system of Mexico is extremely corrupt and individuals won’t keep on pursing the situation. Anabel Hernandez continues to be very persuasive using the courts. Always motions are declared the instances introduced against her.

She declares that they has sources to discredit any claim introduced against her by means of evidences for example video tapes, phone tracks, confessions signed. This results in a big question regarding her financial support and her back. Can there be something hidden which individuals of Mexico don’t know about? Anabel Hernandez continues to be persecuted by almost everybody, unions, Government of Mexico and it is people. Whatever agenda she’s or what intentions she’s getting behind all of this. Fame or either cash is what she’s searching for? There’s still no response to that.


There’s a study about termination of her posts with the well-known magazine “Proceso” but no official report is created regarding her termination. Among the primary accusations she’s is blackmailing her fellow journalists, politicians and profile people from the society. The very best one indeed is getting her reference to extortionists. However the question which arises here’s, if she was ended from “Proceso” What’s financial support of Anabel?

She’s married with two kids and who’s supporting her finances it’s still unfamiliar. Individuals have different tales about her many are from the view that they pays her finances although some people state that Mexican government is supplying her fundamental needs like security. Does she support herself by printing fake news, laying and bending the simple truth is not yet been discovered. Is she a genuine and passionate journalist trying to expose the reality or making false tales to assist crooks, murderers and kidnappers. Lots of people of Mexico think that she makes colorful tales to help keep public not aware of actual details. Expectantly, eventually truth is going to be uncovered.

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