A Tranquil Getaway to Dharamshala

A Tranquil Getaway to Dharamshala
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The Himalayan foothills have always provided some of the best vacations, a region of distinctive cultures and captivating nature. Dharamshala is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most important towns and a trip here involves an enchanting drive from the dusty plains of North India to the winding curves of the hills. You can get a car on rent or book a Delhi Airport taxi for this memorable drive to the highlands. Here are some attractions of the region that are worth a visit.


Images of a modern-day Shangri-La will greet you as you explore the many monasteries in and around Dharamshala. Enjoy these serene locations where silence and architecture blend for an unforgettable experience. The Gyuto Monastery is where the Karmapa, the leading figure of Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism, is based. Snow-clad mountains provide a striking backdrop. In the McLeodganj area, you will find the Namgyal Monastery, an important centre for the exiled Tibetan diaspora and a place where you can learn more about the communities that inhabit the roof of the world.

St John in the Wilderness Church

The aptly named St. John in the Wilderness Church is another visually striking landmark to visit in Dharamshala. An ageless aura surrounds the neo-Gothic structure which is nestled deep in the deodar forest that covers the mountainside. The church is more than 160 years old and is still an active place of worship. Some of the highlights of the structure include the stained glass windows and the bell, which replaced an earlier one destroyed by an earthquake.

Kangra Valley

Dharamshala is also a great base to explore the larger Kangra Valley. The Dhauladhar Range provides a defining background, its snowy massifs juxtaposed with the verdant valley – abundant with nature trails and trekking routes. Some of the most picturesque towns in India can be found in this region and it is worth driving around and exploring. Palampur is an idyllic town known for its riverine landscape as much as its amazing Himalayan views. Kangra Valley is also where you will find the rock-cut temples of Masroor, also referred to as the Himalayan Pyramids.

Tibet Museum

Housing more than 30,000 photographs and artifacts that chronicle the rich culture of the Tibetans, the Tibet Museum in McLeodganj should be on your Dharamshala itinerary. The museum was established in 1999 and records the mid-20th-century exile of the Tibetans from their homeland, including the riveting story of the Dalai Lama. It is impossible to ignore the Tibetan influence in Dharamshala, from the wholesome cuisines to the aesthetically eye-catching architecture, and a visit to the museum will add more layers to this cultural exposure.

Bhagsu Falls

Dharamshala and the surrounding ranges and forests are home to many beautiful sites. A hike to the majestic Bhagsu Falls is always recommended. This cascading formation is located 11 km away from the main town and is set amidst dense forests and cliffs. An old temple near the falls is an added attraction. You can even take a dip in the frigid waters of the pool at the bottom of the waterfalls. The Bhagsu Falls is also part of the famous Triund trek route.

Besides these attractions, the markets of Dharamshala are full of delicious cuisines and exciting bargains. This vibrant town has a spiritual side that also accommodates the Bohemian and is one of the friendliest destinations of India. There are many Delhi to Dharamshala one way cabs available for this journey. Plan your itinerary well and always be ready for a pleasant surprise as you explore Dharamshala.

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