5 careers for people with good observation

5 careers for people with good observation
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The Oxford online dictionary defines observation as “the action or process of observing something or someone in order to gain information”. A person with exceptional observational skills has the ability to note minute details related to an object, event, place, etc. People with good observational skills should consider building a career in a field that utilizes and benefits from their skills.

Below given are 5 career options for people with excellent observational skills.

1.Physiological Psychologists

Physiological psychologists help a person understand the relationship between his/her brain and the body. They are responsible for examining the role of natural selection in the evolution of human behavior. They also attempt to find out answers to questions like how people take in information from their 5 senses, how they think, and how they commit thoughts to memory.

Physiological psychologists are biological psychologists responsible for diagnosing emotional and behavioral disorder in a person by conduction a research. They are involved in conducting a research to develop brain-behavior related theories.

What they exactly do?

A physiological psychologisthelps people with brain injuries. By using various techniques to conduct a research, a physiological psychologist can treat the patient. Advanced machineries like the MRI and PET scan can be used to understand the functional activity and physical structures of the brain. These professionals can then use the test reports to determine the corresponding effect on the patient’s behavior.

A person to become a physiological psychologist requires a number of skills. But the most important of all is good observational skills. As the job involves a lot of research, a person with great observational skills fits the role. He/she will have to conduct various researches to garner information from scientific experiments. Having exceptional observational skills will help the person derive quick and appropriate conclusions from the experiments conducted.

2.Software Testing

Software testers are the backbone of IT companies. They are the ones who are responsible for releasing projects without any defects. A software tester needs to have skills that help him/her perform the job better. Some skills that are a must in a person seeking a job in this field are observational skills, negotiating skills, analyzing skills, etc. A person with great observational skills is a boon to the company. As a software tester is responsible for releasing a bug-free project, his ability to spot minute details or errors can help him achieve perfect results. By keeping an eye even on the tiniest thing of the project, a software tester can eliminate the chance of any defect.

3.Poker Player

People nowadays are opting for fun-filled careers. Their options are no more limited to boring 9 to 6 desk jobs. If you have an eye for detail and are great at spotting small things that no one noticed, building a career as a poker player would be a great option for you. We all know that poker is a game of skill and luck. One skill that every poker player requires is the ability to observe tiny things. Suppose you are playing live poker at a casino. You know the rules of the game thoroughly and you have come well prepared. However, knowing just your game is not sufficient to win the pot. You will have to use your observational skills to analyze the gameplay of your opponent. By noticing tiny things like the expressions of your opponent, his/her body language, etc. you will be able to play the game better. So if you are a person who has an eye for detail, you can surely try to build a career as a professional poker player. To begin with you can try your hands on one of the best free poker sites available in India. You can play the free poker games online for practice and then move to sites that offer real cash games in India.

4.Handwriting analysts

A handwriting analyst determines the profile of a person by examining the characteristics of strokes contained in his/her handwriting. With the help of a handwriting analyst, it is possible to determine the essence of someone’s writing, or provide clues as to why they behave in a particular manner. In order to be a great handwriting analyst, a person must have the ability to examine one’s handwriting, know how to distinguish between various handwritings, and have an eye for detail. A person with good observational skill is suitable for this job as it requires observing every minute detail. As the professional requires to examine the handwriting of a person thoroughly, the ability to note small things can help him/her arrive at great conclusions.


Another profession that you can opt for if you have good observation skills is teaching. As a teacher you are responsible for educating kids to be better persons in life. A teacher needs to use his/her observational skills on a daily basis. The teachers are responsible for noticing big things like the academic progress of the child in the class to small things like observingthe interests of the child in any extra circular activity. This may sound easy, however, a person who lacks observational skills may find it difficult to cope with the requirement of the job. On the other hand, a person with exceptional observation skills will be able to do it effortlessly. Also, a teacher with good observational skills will be able to determine a child’s strength and weakness easily. This will help him/her to push the child to work on areas that are not so strong.

If you feel that you are more alert and good at noticing things happening in your surroundings, you must consider choosing a career from the options given above. These jobs will not just give you a satisfying experience, but also help you use the skill that you are blessed with.





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