3 things not to do on a long flight

3 things not to do on a long flight
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There is always the feeling of excitement before you take your long trip. You start packing your belongings and researching your destination for places to visit among other things. One of the last things that people tend to forget is the actual flight to the destination. There are some common things that everyone knows they should do such as getting to the airport two hours before but there are other things that no one will tell you. Below is a list of the things that you should avoid on long flights.

Sleeping during takeoff and landing
As the plane is taking off or landing the pressure around you will change faster than the pressure in your ears. This feeling can be quite uncomfortable even though it is temporary. So as to equalize the pressure all you need to do is chew some gum, inhale and exhale gently or yawn. It is therefore advisable to stay awake through the landing and takeoff period. To improve the quality of sleep be sure to carry some noise canceling headphones or ear plugs. Stay off caffeinated drinks since they will keep you up all through the flight.

Sitting from the time the plane takes off to when it lands
Most people do not know this but the low air pressure within the cabin can slow the circulation of blood and can cause blood clots especially in ones’ legs. To reduce the risk of major health complications due to the blood clots it is advisable for you to move around the cabin as often as possible. This is easier said than done especially for those in the middle seat. If you do not want to keep disturbing the person seated next to you it is advisable that you purchase an aisle seat. There are a number of exercises you can do if you do not want to get up. You can also keep moving your feet as often as possible. Avoid walking around the cabin on bare feet since it can be extremely filthy.

Drinking alcohol
While many people think that alcohol will help them sleep through the entire flight it is not the case. While it will initially help you sleep initially it will affect the quality of sleep you get and it can trigger a hangover that will make you irritable making your flight unbearable. Another reason to lay off the alcohol is that it will dehydrate you. The air in the cabin is dry and each time you exhale your body loses moisture. It is therefore advisable to drink beverages that keep you hydrated and not alcohol.

Your flight from hongkong to sfo can be long and unbearable. If you do follow the above list of things you will find that the trip will not be as bad as it sounds at first.

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