3 Main Room Solutions Introduction

3 Main Room Solutions Introduction
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A large meeting room must now be equipped with multimedia audio / video systems, as well as interactive audio conferencing and video conferencing.

In these situations nothing can be left to chance, only a careful evaluation of the use and furnishings present will create a good blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Ayno proposes specific designs so that the entire system (microphones, loudspeakers, displays, cameras) is inserted harmoniously in the context and can be easily used by an unknowable user.

  • Video meeting Room

To the whole of the companies more and more often are made rooms dedicated to video encounters. These are very specially equipped rooms, always ready for use, but also suitable for traditional meetings.

Here are some of the main features of a video meeting room.

At least two monitors of proper size and position relative to the observation distance to have the “real presence” effect: one for the video and a second monitor for viewing documents.

Camera: Camera management does not have to distract, but just the right shot will give you a good result in the video.

Table: a video meeting room table is wired, shaped and orientated to foster vision. Everything is to simplify the life of the user.

Acoustics and lighting: a serene and non-fatigue work also comes from good acoustics and proper lighting in the room. Elements are not to be overlooked.

Placement of furniture and devices: a video camera on wheels is an element of flexibility but also of uncertainty or approximation. Stating its position means making it easier and more immediate.

The Video meeting room is therefore the result of a deep integration between micro room architecture and electronic apparatus. Of course, you will need to choose a videoconferencing system within the Polycom or Cisco (TANDBERG) range, identifying the one that best suits your situation.

  • Collaboration Room

When sharing ideas, sketches, images, and resources is crucial, setting up your conference room requires a lot of attention and attention to detail. In this case visual contributions can be more than one and sometimes they must be able to be transmitted simultaneously, as all the information can be relevant and functional.

Rooms conceived according to these needs can be defined as Collaboration Room, as their main feature is to allow remote screen sharing and close collaboration between participants on the topics discussed at that time.

  • Education Room

Distance learning is increasingly a key role in traditional companies and education systems.

Video conferencing can all be easier: your teacher will be near the main classroom and at the same time in the remote rooms. It will control all groups of students, ensuring the attention and interactivity necessary for the good understanding of the lesson.

Generally, a videoconferencing distance learning system is based on a so-called “master” room where teachers and one or more “slaves” attended by pupils reside, all appropriately equipped.

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