3 Easy Hypnosis Tricks That You Can Play With!

3 Easy Hypnosis Tricks That You Can Play With!
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Hypnosis is clinically referred as hypnotherapy, and it is a tool used to bypass critical faculties of conscious mind. It is usually a state resulting in increased focus and concentration. Hypnosis has to be performed properly. If not, it can be dangerous. You shouldn’t practice hypnotherapy if you are not a trained therapist.

There are a number of practical techniques to be accomplished to hypnotize people. These techniques are used for therapeutic effects. When you are dealing with human subjects or medical issues you should consult a physician before you proceed.

Here are given three easy hypnosis tricks you may use to hypnotize a patient.

  1. Analytical Techniques

First, you may use a relaxation technique and start off the session asks the person to lay on a sofa and close their eyes. Use a relaxing tone when speaking to the subject. For tense patients ask them to release their muscles slowly. You may now target the visuals you want to use.

You may select positive images like a wedding or a holiday party to draw a response out of the subject. Choose how you would like to express the visuals. Symbolically discard negative images. Talk about the subject through the process. Maintain a steady tone of voice and observe their responses. You must use multiple session if the technique is working.

  1. Presenting suggestions

This is a direct approach than an imagery method. The technique involves suggestion to use your imagination. The method can bring changes to behavior. Hypnotists should provide careful instructions. Instruct hypnotic induction. Keep the instruction simple and create a cue such as ringing a bell to start and end the instructions effect.

Try one suggestion at a time. If the subject shows specific behavior in the patient, then stop and modify your instructions. The hypnotist can try suggesting subjects like performing an action or playing a musical note. The technique is commonly used to stop habits like smoking and nail-biting.

  1. Falling backward technique

This is an instant hypnosis technique, and it pulls a person off balance. When the person is in off balance, this can put him into a light trance. The technique can be done in one minute by following simple steps.

  • You may stand directly behind the patient and place both hands on his shoulder. Stand close to him to control the fall and ask the patient to relax. Tell him you will be pulling him back a few inches only.
  • With your hand on the patients, shoulders ask him to close his eyes and to pull him back a few inches. Then rock him forward. Keep your hand on his shoulder and allow him to stand upright again.
  • If he is relaxed then go for next step. If not assure, the patient has done well and repeat the previous step once again. Now allow the patient to sit, and you may use deepening techniques. Proceed with the hypnosis session.

Hypnosis can alter one’s behavior, improve performance and can positively affect one’s health.

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